The Media Show: Archival Information

| December 1, 2009

From The Media Show (on YouTube):

Who gets to spend any time with the media at school? Teens Weena and Erna play hooky every week in an abandoned storage closet in an advertising agency in New York City. The Media Show is full of ideas for teaching and learning media literacy concepts. See these episodes on YouTube to participate with your own ideas, comments, and videos.

The Media Show is a show about media (and Internet) literacy. It was developed as part of After Ed TV’s mission of creating new kinds of educational discussion. In February 2009, it became a weekly video series.

After the first 10 episodes, publication of The Media Show moved to YouTube. YouTube served as a better platform than After Ed TV (which at that time was hosted on a custom installation of Drupal), since one of the publishing goals was to elicit user-response videos from the audience – and YouTube had recently incorporated tools for making these kinds of direct connection between videos possible.

A year and a half and 69 episodes later, production on The Media Show came to an end when Gus Andrews, the creator of the show, graduated from Teachers College.

See The Media Show’s Playlists:

The episode My Hotness is Pastede on Yey! (above) won the Fair Use Award at the 2010 Media that Matters Festival (see the posting here). In this episode, the Media Show looks at the use of Photoshop in advertising, and the history of image manipulation.