The Voice: Archival Information

| December 1, 2009

See all episodes of The Voice on its own Pressible site here.

As part of the After Ed TV project in the fall of 2008, EdLab partnered with the Teachers College Record (TCR) to develop and produce The Voice, a weekly video series that communicates traditional scholarly research in a new way. The editors at TCR were interested in exploring how a feature-length article (often exceeding 40 pages in length) could be translated into a two to three minute episode. Working collaboratively, we developed a form that is part research trailer and part article summary.

The Voice format has succeeded in doing two things. First, episodes are finding an audience, and are being used in classroom instruction as introductions to an author and her or his work. Second, papers that are associated with a video receive increased views. We take this success as a sign that the TCR audience is excited to explore the potential of video as a means to communicating educational research.

TCR looks forward to exploring this potential in the coming years, and is excited to work with a team of producers at the Gottesman Libraries who will publish future episodes of The Voice.